"Until the lions have their own historians the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter...."
- Chinua Achebe

2017, ഏപ്രിൽ 26, ബുധനാഴ്‌ച

എങ്ങിനെയാണ് ദലിതരുടെ ഭൂമി അപഹരിക്കപ്പെട്ടത്...!!! ???? ; How Dalit lands were stolen

How Dalit lands were stolen: The British government, on the basis of an 1891 report on the subhuman living conditions of “Pariahs” by James H.A. Tremenheere, Acting Collector of Chengleput, assigned 12 lakh acres of land for distribution to the “depressed classes” of the Madras Presidency to empower them socially and economically. But more than 100 years later, much of this land is in the possession of non-Dalits, and the struggle to reclaim them has seen little progress. An exclusive story on how this tale of usurpation is still being played out. By ILANGOVAN RAJASEKARAN